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2/19 - 3/20

2014: Pisces Career


The stars are demanding that you find your passion and get practical about it, Pisces. You're a gypsy and a total free spirit by nature, but this year you're being asked to concentrate your energies and really focus on your passion. Yes, this means coming down from dreamland and getting serious about your career goals, but that doesn't mean you can't use those amazing visions you have while sleeping or daydreaming. In fact, the more you use them this year, the more powerful your career. The point is not to keep them separate. Why keep one of your best assets in the closet? You know how to work the powers of visualization better than anyone, and with Neptune and Chiron still cruising through your stars this year, you're the master at turning imagery into profit. Money tends to be the least of your priorities, but you're realizing it certainly doesn't hurt. You prefer glamour and experience, but why not get paid a handsome salary for your talents? Of course you'll just generously shower any wealth you accumulate on your loved ones -- but that should be all the more incentive to excel in your career in 2014.

The planet of wealth and abundance moves into your work sector this summer, so get ready for a pile-up of projects, Pisces. You'll wonder how it was that you ever complained about not having enough work. This phase -- from July until the end of the year -- is guaranteed to keep you so busy, you'll be challenged to keep your head above water. Time management is key to keeping afloat because the demands will be a bit overwhelming -- exhilarating but overwhelming, nonetheless. Be sure to get plenty of rest, and strive toward more balance in your life despite your hectic schedule. Refuse to let your health suffer as a result of working harder than ever. Don't forget you're hypersensitive to the energies around you and thus require copious amounts of downtime to replenish your energy and imagination. Sleep and bubble baths are essential to a Pisces for maintaining a successful career.

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Daily Overview

Don't hesitate any longer regarding certain choices; keep your eyes wide open in order to seize a beautiful opportunity that will present itself today. Be thrifty, don't give in to all your whims even though you'll be very lucky with money this time. Risks of headache or stomach disorders; drink much plain water. It'll be very difficult to be a parent: You'll have the impression that you understand nothing more about the reactions of your children!
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It seems you can do no wrong at work. But your co-workers have your back, just in case you misstep. Make sure to return the favor. Just be sure you're at your desk when your baby calls to have a quick goo goo ga ga.



A coworker lends a hand today -- even if it's their day off or you are actually on the hunt for a new gig. Something they say or do leads the way to something that is much better for both of you.



If you find yourself struggling for direction now, look out for a new mentor who may be subtly offering you a path. Also look for subtler flavors, like that of ripe spring nectarines and savory steamed asparagus, instead of indulging in fatty or white sugar-laden foods.



You're getting a fresh fashion slate, so don't rush into any potentially questionable decisions that could ruin it this early in the game! Are you sure you want your only winter coat to be purple and green leopard-print?


Daily Home and Garden Scope

Taking the easy way out won't be satisfying today because you have the gumption and stamina to follow through in ways that otherwise might be challenging for you. Today will float by effortlessly if you follow your instincts to make things more complicated --n follow the more difficult recipe, hand wash your delicates, and dust the individual leaves of your houseplants.


Daily Green Scope

If you run your own business, or work for a company that's open to change, it's a great time to green your workplace. Start by bringing your own eco-friendly habits to your job. If you recycle paper at home, why not at the office? Create a special bin and encourage others to chip in. And do some research. The switch may be daunting, but it's manageable if you take baby steps.


Daily Gay Scope

You may see a new side of a professional acquaintance when you see him in an unusual social setting. A deeper relationship may be very beneficial for both of you. Don't pretend you didn't notice him -- walk up and say hello.


Daily Lesbian Scope

Badmouthing someone will end up hurting you more than it will affect her. Expect plenty of response if you start to criticize her. Don't dish it out if you can't take it, because your critics are harsh.


Weekly Travel

Even on the road you're offering your hospitality and help, and at the beginning of the week this attitude makes you new friends and earns you admiration. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday are fabulous days to travel -- you've got energy to burn, and what's around you inspires and changes you. You may even rediscover something long forgotten now. This weekend, though your mind may tend to wander, keep a close eye on your luggage, your wallet and your personal safety. An alert traveler is a smart traveler.


Weekly Flirt

Your people are going to be heading in the wrong direction early this week, though you may be the only person who recognizes the danger. Try to move people with your words. The middle part of the week will be a little smoother, though it may be hard to focus on anything that needs more than a few minutes of attention. The weekend is going to be super-awesome for you and your people -- it's the perfect time to throw a party or have one thrown for you.



Try not to worry too much -- your friends are looking out for you! Your human pals are particularly interested in your well-being right now, so you can always go to them if you need anything.



If you can't get food off the counter yourself, housemates can be of assistance. You have friends in high places -- namely, the cat. She'll find it easy to knock the goods on the floor and how much you want to share will be up to you.